Does Jesus Exist?
Did Jesus Exist? You know 2,000 years ago that question wouldn't have even been asked. That's simply because Jesus was alive and well in a small village in the land of Israel. Had you seen him for yourself, you most likely would have considered Him to be an average looking Jew, but He certainly wasn't average. He forgave people's sins while He was on Earth. He foretold His own death, and performed verifiable miracles that even His enemies couldn't refute.
Who is Jesus?
Who is Jesus? To say that He's most famous person in the world is an understatement. He lived almost two thousand years ago, and yet His name is still one of the most often searched for words on the Internet. In fact His birth was so important that it marked the end of one historical period and the start of our present calendar. So why do so many people want to know about this man? Well millions of people believe that Jesus is more than a man. You see they believe that He is and was God in the flesh.
6 Reasons to believe in Jesus
Jesus Christ is the most well-known person from ancient history. But He claimed to be much more than a mere man...He claimed to be God. What evidence do we have for the extraordinary claim? Join Kyle Butt as he presents “6 Reasons to Believe in Jesus.”
5 Reasons That Jesus Is Devine
There is plenty of evidence that proves the historicity of Jesus’ physical existence. However, that evidence can go further to prove that Jesus was also sent from God. In this lesson, Kyle Butt presents “5 Reasons Jesus is Divine.”
Facts That Pove Jesus Rose From The Dead
Jesus Christ claimed to be God in the flesh and He claimed that after He died, He would rise from the grave. Christianity stands or falls on the validity of Jesus’ resurrection. In this lesson, Kyle Butt gives “6 Facts Jesus Rose from the Dead.”
Jesus And Miracles
A miracle is an event that defies natural laws and it can only be accounted for with a supernatural explanation. Jesus Christ is the most famous miracle-worker of all time. Join Kyle Butt as he presents a video lesson on “Jesus and Miracles.”
Historicity of Jesus
Behold! The Lamb of God. This video series explores the historicity, deity, personality, and uniqueness of Christ. The first in this series addresses the pressing question: "Did Jesus actually live in history?"
Predicted Messiah
Behold! The Lamb of God. This video series explores the historicity, deity, prophecy, and uniqueness of Christ. As the third in this series, this video addresses the prophecies of the predicted Messiah.