People That Baptism Will Not Save
Would it surprise you that there are some people baptism will not save? Since the day the Church began in Acts 2, baptism for the remission of sins has been preached. According to Jesus' own words in Mark 16, "He who believes and is baptized will be saved." Even though baptism is the point when you come into contact with the saving blood of Jesus, there are some groups of people baptism cannot save. Join Don Blackwell as he discusses these situations and why baptism does not wash away their sins.
What If I Die On The Way To Be baptized
What if you died on the way to be baptized? You have learned the truth, repented of your sins, confessed your faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God, and you are ready to be baptized. But on the way to the water, your car is struck by a truck and you die….you pass into eternity? Listen as Don Blackwell examines the implications of such a tragedy.
Jesus Was Baptized/Why You Should Be Too
Why was Jesus baptized? What does Jesus’ baptism teach us today about becoming a Christian? Follow along with Denny Petrillo (Ph.D.) as he discusses this important event in Jesus’ life, how it was not simply a formality, and why you should be baptized too.