How long were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
If you have read Genesis and the Creation account, then you may have wondered about this question. How long did the first couple live in the Garden of Eden before committing sin and being cast out? Follow along with Kyle Butt, as he looks into God's Word to see if there is an answer to this question.
Where did human races come from
How did we get so many "races"? If the Bible is true and in the beginning God only created 1 man and 1 woman, how do we see so much variation in skin color today? Follow along as Kyle Butt discusses the Genesis account and the scientific principles that provide an understanding for the beautiful diversity we see in our one, human race.
Pangaea and the bible

While we see numerous different continents on Earth's surface today, there seems to be some evidence for these continents being joined together into one large landmass, sometimes called Pangaea. Does the Bible say anything about Pangaea? Would this idea be contradictory to the Bible or fit within the history described? Listen as Kyle Butt discusses this topic and addresses these questions.

I just believe in one less God than you

You may have heard this statement before, as it is frequently used as an argument against the belief in one true God. What does this play on words mean? And more importantly, does it provide a logical argument against God? Join Kyle Butt as he addresses what this statement means, and if followed to its full conclusion what it would mean for understanding correct answers to any question.